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How We Work

Our approach is tailored to the needs of your organisation and your customers. Your objectives, your products and services, your markets and target audiences and what you want them to do or experience. These factors drive everything we do.

We question. We listen. We understand. We add value. We research, review and refine. Only then do we suggest the right solution. Then more checking, improving, get the idea. Every solution we deliver is as different as our client's enterprise. One thing all our projects have in common is 'future proofing' so that they evolve as your business does, while protecting your investment.

Our project process is about so much more than just creating pretty pictures. It’s about understanding and then delivering to requirements: both those of the business, and of the end-customer. Our thorough, proven analytic methodology helps shape projects, products and businesses, and creates brilliant results. What follows is a brief summary of the life of a project here at SRV InfoTech.

It all starts when we get that first call or email from you. We are very friendly and approachable, and no question or idea is dismissed out-of-hand. Feel free to get in touch even if you just have an idea you want to talk about. Even if you think we might not be for you, we’ll be happy to recommend other reputable companies in the industry who might be exactly what you’re after.

We’ve been doing this for a while so chances are we’ve previously built a website similar to what you’re after and we’ll be able to use that as a guide in order to put together an initial proposal and rough estimate. It’s not just about prices though: we like to meet up at this stage so you can get a feel for our company. It’s important that we’re the right fit for each other. We think we’re pretty flexible as we’ve worked with one-man-bands and small businesses, all the way up to blue-chip corporate businesses.

At this stage we’ll identify the results you are looking to achieve and discuss how your website / web application will deliver them. Where possible we’ll collect any content and collateral for your website so that we can draw up a site structure. It depends on the project but often, rather than spend a lot of time and effort writing long-winded specification documents, we tend to produce a ‘wireframe’ prototype to identify the key features and how they will fit together.

We will produce provisional designs to convey the general look and feel for your website. Often there are a number of rounds of feedback and tweaks before the design is signed-off. Typically we do not design every page of the website as this would prove time consuming and costly. We will use the provisional designs as a style guide that can be applied consistently throughout the site.

We believe we are one of few agencies that have anything like the level and range of technical skills we have and use every day. We like to work with open source server-side technologies including PHP, MySQL and others. We build web applications using PHP because it allows us to deliver projects on shorter deadlines without compromising the quality of our work.

Once we have an initial implementation to show you we will make it available for you to test online before it is visible to the public. We’ll ask for your feedback at regular intervals so that we can make any changes and amends before too much time and effort has been invested.

We are done.. Its time for Live Experience...SRV InfoTech Website Project Approach - 1) Enquery 2) Initial Proposals 3) Project Specifications 4) Design Phase 5) Development Phase 6) Testing, Feedback and Amends 7) Go Live 8) Review, Analyse and Improve

All websites have a ‘bedding in’ period shortly after they are launched and during this time we will monitor your website, fix any bugs and make the inevitable tweaks and changes you require once you start using it in earnest. This is also the time to further review your site’s performance on search engine results pages.

If you have an idea for a world-beating web application or think that you may be able to improve a business process through the web, then why not tell us about it?