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About → Why SRV InfoTech?

Why SRV InfoTech?

This is a very good question. Let us start by saying that there are very few good search engine optimization/ marketing companies in India. Some specialize and are good in natural results (search engine optimization) whereas others are good in paid results (pay per click marketing). We are one of the rare companies in India which does the zero to final services in a Web design and Development process with Web hosting, Domain registration, SEO, SMO and Brand Marketing. Some of the reasons why you should consider us:


We have more than 4 years of experience in executing a web project from the initial stage to final search engine submission levels. We have been experienced to give our clients the hosting solutions for the projects, search engine optimization, brand identity creation and marketing, developing the custom content management systems and many more services to grow your business rapidly with the current marketing strategies.


We have very sound knowledge of latest technologies in the web media with latest design trends, problem solving methods, object oriented concepts. We have been using open source technologies like php, mysql etc... for the past 4 years and we are very experienced with these languages and its applications.

Team Strength

Our Team is our assets. We have a great team of designers and developers who believe that everything under sun when worked with the will can be made possible. Our team play gives our client the better solutions among the other industry challengers.


With over greater than 40 web projects and many more hosting services, domain registration, sms solutions for more than 100’s of companies and voice call supports for the same, we are pride ourselves on one of the best record for successful execution of all our projects on time.

Why Not SRV InfoTech!

This is an even better question. Maintaining our word means that whilst ensuring there are many things that we do, that there are some things we just do not do. We do not do aggression, we do not do shouting, and we do not promise what we cannot deliver. Sometimes this means being clever about the way in which we deliver to deadlines, and being pragmatic with our clients about what can be delivered. Sometimes it means telling a client that something cannot be done. Whatever the situation, our approach is always honest, pragmatic and forthright. We understand that you can't build positive relationships based on promises that will not - or are not likely to be delivered.