Corporate Office

SRV IT Hub Private Limited
3rd Floor, DownTown Complex,
Thalap, Kannur - 670002, Kerala, India.


#1308, Jeevan Bima Nagar Main Rd,
HAL 3rd Stage, New Tippasandra,
Bengaluru - 560008, Karnataka


3rd Floor, Amenity Center, CUSAT - TBI,
Kalamassery, Kochi - 682022,
Kerala, India.


Pune - 411005,
Maharashtra, India.

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About SRV

SRV InfoTech addresses all IT related requirements. Truly, the results we produce in the development of custom software solutions are a real solace to many lives and businesses.

We make the world come to you, and raise your profits.

SRV InfoTech took its first step in 2008. In fact, this Software Development Company in Kerala began the journey from a limited narrow space, with just two staff. While now, each department has multiple members to handle projects, in the 2000 square feet superbly equipped office.

Proud to say, today we are one of the leading Information Technology Companies in India with a widespread client base across various states, regions and of course, countries. Eventually, in addition to Software Development our areas of expertise and business have been expanded to different domains and fields. Definitely this growth is the result of an attitude to strive towards excellence in all spheres of Information Technology.

The following services make SRV, the most dependable Software Development Company in Kannur.

  • Website, Mobile and Web Application Development
  • Web Designing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Branding
  • Server Management

This growth was never easy, but the secret is quite simple. Sheer hard work and commitment. And, we know these two ultimately pay off.

Now, as a Software Development Company in Kerala, SRV InfoTech serves Corporates, Airports, Banks and several Companies and Organisations across diverse industries. As an IT company, we started crossing geographical boundaries since its inception and today is considered as one of the best software companies in the state.

In the initial years, we were involved only in website development, whereas today SRV InfoTech tops the list of market leaders in Information Technology. That too with a prominent position in eight different domains of IT.

Vision & Mission

Impact each industry or business by actively involving in their IT related needs, and exploring all possibilities of Information Technology, to help them generate the desired profits.

Ensure every city, town and village has our beneficiaries, and be boundless in making life easy and impacting lives.
From the beginning itself we were driven by a deep-rooted desire and determination to set examples of how an IT Company should be.

Company Values

Why Values are significant for us?

A successful company must definitely have some common principles to follow and ensure they are static. Because each employee or team member is the face of our organisation and must possess few qualities in common since they are representing one of the best software development companies in Kerala.

Eventually this benefits our customers as a whole. Moreover these values play an important role while hiring new employees, since it's easy to evaluate whether their attitude and character matches the values we keep. This is highly vital because when you build a company, you are building a society. It includes customers, employees, management, suppliers, vendors and more.

Naturally, these people and organisations are from different backgrounds and cultures. And their prevailing attitude and values may be quite different or even opposite from each other. So as a web development company you must ensure that their core values are in line with each other.

Here is the significance of common principles. A well-defined value system gives clarity in every step of any decision making. It helps in internal and external communication too. In a word, Values ensure the interests of our customers and the company are taken care of.

Our Corporate Values are designed and implemented with utmost care. Absolutely they are not written only for the sake of just following a formal step. As a leading software development company in India, our values are keenly observed and preserved within the company, and in all our actions and transactions we adhere to them.

Factors we considered while formulating the company Values
Our values are built based on this basic principle

Naturally the company Values have been reformed over time considering their relevance.
Of course growth of the company has influenced our value system in a positive manner.

Our 5 petals!
  • Do now, procrastinate later
  • Making life easier
  • Loyalty and Trust
  • Learn, learn and learn
  • Creativity in technology

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