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Social Media Management System

SRV InfoTech addresses all IT related requirements. Truly, the results we produce in the development of custom software solutions are a real solace to many lives and businesses.

What's a brand? A brand is an identity, that is imprinted on your targeted audience's or consumer's mind. In other way, a brand can be explained as a product or a service that's meant to be marketed featuring it's benefits to the whole public. Reputing your brand, signifies, how acceptable your brand is to the public. That is, brand reputation simply refers to how a brand is being perceived by the public, competitors, customers, and stakeholders. In other words, we can say that your brand reputation is the total sum of all interactions and associations with your brand.

Back in the days, brand reputation was connected to the quality of the goods or services provided. A brand’s reputation was highly based on what the public saw, and obviously through the word of mouth. Upon the invention of the internet and social medias, the things has changed entirely. People now knew anything and everything about their favourite brand just in a tap, from reading and watching reviews by "influencers" on YouTube and other medias to "following" social media profiles.

Managing your brand’s reputation and maintaining a "good name" are much important. It may seem impossible, but with the "right hand", it is well done!

The power of social media cannot be denied. It has the ability to make or break a brand. And with the rise of social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, it’s more important than ever for brands to be aware of what’s being said about them online. A strong online presence is essential for any business in the modern world. It’s not enough to just have a website – you also need to be active on social media, have a blog, and interact with your customers online. All of this activity creates a lot of data, which can be overwhelming to sift through. And that’s where social media listening comes in. Social media listening is the process of monitoring, analyzing, and responding to online conversations about your brand. This can be done manually or through the use of social media listening tools. It’s a critical part of reputation management, as it allows you to identify and address issues before they damage your brand. Some of the benefits of social media listening include increased customer satisfaction, early detection of negative sentiment, and insights into customer behavior.

The main and ultimate aim of developing this innovative software is to listen to your Customers. Social Media Listening, Brand Reputation and Customer Happiness Area are signified as the key to the Brand - Public Relationship. The newly developing software targets large corporates with a single login for Social Media Listening and Customer Communications. Customer Happiness covers feedbacks, reviews, social media responses, surveys, social media listening, social media content management, WhatsApp API etc.

Customer's happiness is one of the very base stone of the relationship between a brand and it's audience. The more the customers are benefitted, the more they will come to you. So to maintain a warm relationship with your current audience or customer, the brand must know their needs as well as understand their painpoints. Also to "keep in touch" is considered to be the ultimate solution for the same. To interact with the public/audience/customers, listening to their "wants" and responses are important. This software will help you to connect with your targeted audiences in all the possible ways.

This platform helps you to improve the way you provide services and products to your audience/public. Also instant communication is possible throughout. The software is developed in a way that it can fetch comments and mentions, and analyses it sentimentally, and can responds instantly using predefined multi-lingual templates. A feedback system is also generated based on the public reviews, collected from various sources/services, provided by the particular brand (say a bank, through it's ATM counters and other banking services) to improve the customer experience.

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We provide the best creation of more positive content. Protect yourself against future attacks with the best solutions. We had all solutions from customer acquisition, increasing engagement, or building awareness, to affinity your brand reputation.